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If You Ever Wonder

The light of a lonely purple candle on my coffee table signals the start of the Advent season.  For those who follow the liturgical rhythms of the Christian year, this season offers a holy invitation.  It stands sober and resolute, calling us to consider what promises might find fulfillment around the next turn. In many

Day One

Imagine a kid who grew up memorizing lines from every Disney movie in the vault. He went on vacation at some point in those formative years. And on that vacation, perhaps he had a photo op with Mickey and a memorable twirl on the teacups. And then, at the end of the most magical day

One Transcendent Moment

A few years ago, I realized how awful I am at vacations.  Some of that has to do with my struggle to actually go on vacation.  I can pack the car, suspend the newspaper subscription, load up the family, drive for half a day, and rearrange the GPS coordinates of my physical location, all without

To Thee We Raise

A couple of years ago, our local children’s theatre troupe had to close its doors for lack of funding.  Several of us were deeply saddened by the news, but obviously not enough of us to make a difference.  My wife had the crazy idea that maybe our church could fill this void in the community.