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Day One

Imagine a kid who grew up memorizing lines from every Disney movie in the vault. He went on vacation at some point in those formative years. And on that vacation, perhaps he had a photo op with Mickey and a memorable twirl on the teacups. And then, at the end of the most magical day

Ten Year Old Adventure

When I returned home, a friend asked me, “So what was this trip about?”  I wasn’t sure how to answer then.  Or now.  It’s almost two weeks later, and I’m still not 100% certain what the trip was supposed to be.  It was a hundred different things.  Or maybe just one quite simple thing.  I’m

Snow as a Holy Relic

There’s one defiant patch of snow left in my front yard. It obviously missed the memo. Temperatures are expected to reach the 70’s today in central Louisiana. During February. And no one around here is surprised. Last week’s snowfall, on the other hand, was a surprise. It’s something we see maybe once every 4 or