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It’s easy to feel like something of a tourist during Christmas.  You’re running around like mad. Checking things off the list. Trying to cram every ounce of hope and joy into the quickly dwindling days. Pile in the car and look at the neighborhood lights. Pack a bag and hit the road to see family. Let’s run over to the

Not the First

I felt like we needed a song about the innate longing of the human soul.  What better theme could there be for the Advent season?  We have plenty of musical options for soloists who want to sing traditional Christmas themes — songs about the birth of Jesus, about Mary and Joseph, about angels proclaiming good

A Christmas Truce

Whenever I hear the familiar drums of war, I know it’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas. Many of my brothers and sisters in faith have made a tradition of trying to save baby Jesus from the onslaught of a politically correct “holiday” season. Our more zealous types denounce all the careful language of