This is My Body

The first thing I noticed about Ruth was her right leg.  I feel bad admitting that now, maybe because of the expectation that good pastors should see beyond the surface of appearances.  But nope.  The first thing I saw when I looked at Ruth was her swollen leg. The swelling was caused by a condition

Forever Linked — A Guest Post

Today my youngest son turned 4 years old.  We had his birthday party yesterday.  It seemed very appropriate.  For my family, the dates of April 26 and April 27 will forever be linked.  One day of enormous grief.  Followed by one day of overwhelming joy.  Neither experience ever truly free of the other. Today’s blog


This day, with all of its peculiarities, will not be much different than other days.  I will make my commute to work in the comfort of a climate-controlled car.  I will sip my single-serving of morning coffee while sitting in a beautifully decorated office. I will mutter through a few prayers before stressing over today’s

Snow as a Holy Relic

There’s one defiant patch of snow left in my front yard. It obviously missed the memo. Temperatures are expected to reach the 70’s today in central Louisiana. During February. And no one around here is surprised. Last week’s snowfall, on the other hand, was a surprise. It’s something we see maybe once every 4 or

Not the First

I felt like we needed a song about the innate longing of the human soul.  What better theme could there be for the Advent season?  We have plenty of musical options for soloists who want to sing traditional Christmas themes — songs about the birth of Jesus, about Mary and Joseph, about angels proclaiming good

A Christmas Truce

Whenever I hear the familiar drums of war, I know it’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas. Many of my brothers and sisters in faith have made a tradition of trying to save baby Jesus from the onslaught of a politically correct “holiday” season. Our more zealous types denounce all the careful language of

Analog Jesus

Sometimes I wish we used screens in our worship service.  Just writing those words might jeopardize my employment in the congregation I serve, but it’s a true sentiment.  Television monitors and projection screens are capable of simplifying so much of what takes place on a typical Sunday morning.  They can eliminate the cumbersome litany of

A Guide to Public Prayer

Many people are terrified to lead prayer for a group, whether large or small.  That should come as no surprise.  Public speaking is consistently among the top 3 common phobias.  So if you combine that with the pressure of addressing the Almighty, you’ve got some serious trepidation. With that in mind, I’ve compiled this handy

One Transcendent Moment

A few years ago, I realized how awful I am at vacations.  Some of that has to do with my struggle to actually go on vacation.  I can pack the car, suspend the newspaper subscription, load up the family, drive for half a day, and rearrange the GPS coordinates of my physical location, all without

To Thee We Raise

A couple of years ago, our local children’s theatre troupe had to close its doors for lack of funding.  Several of us were deeply saddened by the news, but obviously not enough of us to make a difference.  My wife had the crazy idea that maybe our church could fill this void in the community.